Five Main Technologies That Will Make Future Cars Safer

With worldwide increase in road accidents, new and improved technologies are being designed to avoid this trend. The following are some of the five technologies that will make future cars safer

  1. Auto­matic Braking Systems

There will be a radar system that will be able to automatically brake a vehicle so as to avoid a crash especially when the driver is not very attentive. This system is expensive and currently used by the rich on luxury cars. Eventually it will be fixed to other mainstream motor cars. This system is made with four cameras two at the front and other two at the back. They are made in such a way that they can sense anything for example children crossing, other cars or animals to brake the car automatically. This technology is attributed to Aisin and Toyota companies. (more…)

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How to make money online

Earning online is a very good source of income that many people use to supplement their other sources of income. One can work online during their free time. There are other people, though not many who have made online work a full time affair. These people have invested in their blogs, job boards or other money making opportunities on the internet. Internet-earned money is easy to come by and earned in comfort. Often, people get hooked to internet money and end up leaving their formal employment to venture into online money-making ventures. (more…)

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What is GOSF – Great Online Shopping Festival?

History of GOSF

Dec 11th 2012 proved to be a great game changer in shaping the future of online shopping in India. It was that special day, in the history of online shopping in India, when Google India came out with a novel Idea, of creating a unique shopping event in Indian context, with the help and co-operation of numerous Indian shopping websites, which is now proudly known as “Great Online Shopping Festival” among the fraternity of online shoppers in India. (more…)

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8 Tips Every Engineering Student must consider

When it comes to making career decision, engineering path blinks into the mind. Parents generally consider their children to be an engineer and earn a lucrative package from top notch company. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come handy, and every student taking up this field need to be well prepared and carry enough patience to face the challenges coming on the way. Student carrying the skill to understand and work creatively finds this field quite attractive, be it the civil engineering, mechanical, IT or chemical, every aspiring engineering student has his own field of choice and studies accordingly. But there are students who find it tough to cover things easily and eventually fall out in the midway. Engineering colleges are now offering wealth of facilities to help students change their perception towards this field and complete the course successfully. (more…)

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