Five Main Technologies That Will Make Future Cars Safer

With worldwide increase in road accidents, new and improved technologies are being designed to avoid this trend. The following are some of the five technologies that will make future cars safer

  1. Auto­matic Braking Systems

There will be a radar system that will be able to automatically brake a vehicle so as to avoid a crash especially when the driver is not very attentive. This system is expensive and currently used by the rich on luxury cars. Eventually it will be fixed to other mainstream motor cars. This system is made with four cameras two at the front and other two at the back. They are made in such a way that they can sense anything for example children crossing, other cars or animals to brake the car automatically. This technology is attributed to Aisin and Toyota companies.

  1. Traf­fic Light Alert

Because for many years cyclists have always been ignored by traffic light systems, there is a new smart phone app technology that will make it easy for cyclists to get noticed. Introduced by a North Carolina company known as Kimley-Horn, traffic light systems is to undergo a revolution breakthrough. The application uses the GPS of phones to signal central computer through internet to be able to turn to green light. This system is to be tested with about 100 cyclists in Austin city, Texas. This similar transmitter is expected to be installed on vehicles for computers to be able to detect them and to easily manage traffic lights.

  1. Pileups Prevention

Thousands of vehicles have been piling up all over the world due to sudden formation of black ice. This is because drivers are not able to stop in time. New technology is now being tested by the state transportation officials in Minnesota and in Michigan. This technology will be able to warn whenever the first car has hit ice. The sensors on vehicles are able to measure weather data, temperature of road surfaces and potholes. Information by cars is relayed to a central computer and sends to other drivers the message for them to slow down.

  1. HOV Lane Monitor 

In High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, single riders have always been cheating yet the lanes are reserved only for cars carrying two or even more people. A Japanese technology company called NEC wants to make a stop to this. They have come up with system of cameras and sensors that are able to record the cars number plate and the number of passengers in a car. The system then notifies the traffic police immediately. However, it cannot store the facial images due to privacy reasons. State governments are expected to start using the system by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year. This is expected to speed up travel for all those who will be using the lanes in correct ways.

  1. Safe walking

This technology is to take about four or five years to be effective. Governments need to set aside cars receivers and the radio frequencies. Some engineers are to come up with ways to distinguish between phone in the pocket of a pedestrian and the one by a passenger in another car to reduce pedestrian deaths.

Drivers will be required to uk driving test again. The software in the computer of a car will easily receive phone signal to analyze the speed and direction then determine the possibilities of the pedestrian to cross the cars path or not. The car will be able to automatically apply the brakes, says DouaVang, the Denso manager in charge of engineering.

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